Our Vision

We combine stunning photos with the intuitive ability to create lasting moments that turn visitors into returning customers. All works are created for the best for possible experience for viewing and decor design.                       

Photography: Began in 1999/2000 but had a love for it for many years…I created my own reference material for my illustrations. .I also worked on training my eye shooting stuff that would be considered junk as a subject.
As a side note I have always had a love for clothes and shoes and accessories…working in retail will do that to you!

Degrees: Bachelors of Fine Art received from Pacific Northwest College of Art

Other schools I have attended: Art Institute of Portland for Apparel Design and also  the business of  manufacturing at PCC

Equipment: Currently I work with a Canon 5D, Sony D-SCH7 single shot, Nikon single shot

Style: Non traditional 

 Experience: I have gained experience in retail/internships and learned quite a bit about customer service and various product developments.

My art background has basically given me a great foundation to begin from when it comes to creating. My eye for shapes, color, space, and architecture keeps me inspired.

Design opened up the possibilities with creating the product from concept to the consumer, this process I fell in love with and the ideas just flowed like no tomorrow. I have been involved in almost everything from children’s books to handmade greeting cards, to fashion design, to t-shirt design, handbags, and hats. I‘ve collaborated with a local jewelry designer to create pieces for a fashion show and looking forward to soon expand on that idea. The world of fashion is never ending and fitting in is almost impossible but creating innovatively is necessary to be able to be relevant as a designer. Products now a day’s can’t just be made without having a useful benefit feature it has to fulfill a function other than the obvious wear ability. Combining this idea with the love of images leads me to be able to produce work that is motivating as well as meets a need in the world.

                “I appreciate those  who value  visual connections!”


Professional artist/photographer work with you to create content that engages the eyes  and senses,  drawing them ever deeper into a grand connection.                      

Our Strength

Our Staff

Osha Hall

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Image Design